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Sep 28, 2012 6:00am PDT
earlier this month to resume construction after government leaders approved japan's new energy policy. the policy allows work to continue on plants already under construction while at the same time encourages japanese to end their reliance on nuclear power by the 2030s. the industry minister visited aomori prefecture two weeks ago. he told the governor that the ohma plan could be completed. j-power managers plan to inform residents of local municipalities of the decision next week. two other nuclear plants were under construction before last year's disaster. no decision has been made on resuming those projects. >>> once these facilities are built, they must pass stricter safety standards before they can start generating power. members of the newly formed nuclear regulation authority will draft the rules. the government created the nra after the fukushima accident exposed the shortcomings of the former watchdog. we're looking at what's expected of this new authority on today's "nuclear watch." the nra replaced the nuclear and industrial safety agency. it also took over the responsibilities
Sep 26, 2012 6:00am PDT
think he'll focus first on rebuilding ties with the u.s. abe has also criticized noda's energy policy, he said abolishing all nuclear plants is not the protocol and would hurt industry. he also said monetary easing is needed in order to overcome deflation and a stronger yen. >> here in japan we have the new party, japan restoration party, being called the third poll of japanese politics. it's become very popular. how does abe view them? >> he's focusing on the every move of the new party carefully. many japanese voters have known party leader toru hashimoto for quite a while. he's the mayor of osaka. he has often commented on tv. he's a populist and a nationalist. the polls suggest that his party will win more seats than the ruling dpj in the general election. his party could be a strong rival for the ldp. but no party is expected to win a majority alone. so the new ldp leader abe may need to form a coalition with hashimoto's japan restoration party. >> we know the election is looming, although we don't know when. what happens next? >> abe will have to put the process in motion
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2